Marseille Series Mirror Panels - Price Includes Packaging & Delivery

No fogging in a damp bathroom and fantastic heat as you step from the shower.

The Marseille Series offers far infrared mirror panels for your home or business. Look at yourself through a new view, suitable for use indoors and in bathrooms, as it is safety rated for splashes of water.

The Marseille Series is a luxurious addition and a comfortable heating solution for your home or business and functions as a mirror and heater in one. The Marseille Series is available in 110V and 208-220V.

When you are looking for an alternative heating solution remember that our prices include packaging and delivery right to your door or facility.

Model Sizing Wattage
MP-400, MH-400

23.6" by 23.6"

(600mm by 600mm)

MP-600, MH-600

23.6" by 35.4"

(600mm by 900mm)

MP-800, MH-800

23.6" by 47.3"

(600mm by 1200mm)



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