Geneva Series Acrylic Panels - Price Includes Packaging & Delivery

The Geneva Series offers a lightweight economic acrylic panel with a sleek and glossy finish. This panel is suitable for use in your living spaces, outdoors, and even in bathrooms.

The Geneva Series is a step up from our base series and offers the beauty of glass without the weight and the price tag. The Geneva Series is an excellent choice for modern living and is available in three different colours.

All panels are available in Black, Red, Or White and are available in 110V and 208-220V.

When you are looking for an alternative heating solution remember that our prices include packaging and delivery right to your door or facility.

Model Sizing Wattage
GP-300, GH-300

19.7" by 23.6"

(500mm by 600mm)

GP-450, GH-450

23.6" by 27.6"

(600mm by 700mm)

GP-600, GH-600

23.6" by 39.4"

(600mm by 1000mm)

GP-720, GH-720


(600mm by 1200mm)

GP-900, GH-900

23.6" by 59.1"

(600mm by 1500mm)

GP-960, GH-960

31.5" by 47.3"

(800mm by 1200mm)



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The Red Panel is Pantone 187 C.