Advantage Series Aluminum Heating Panels (wall & ceiling mounted) - Price Includes Packaging & Delivery

The ADVANTAGE range from Art of Heat™ boasts the same high safety standards as all our products and comes in a convenient range of sizes.

Similar to our Art of Heat, European built Copenhagen range, the Advantage products are designed to make installation simple and provide you with a cost effective heating solution. The range operates with our thermostats and wireless switches and has attractive pricing solutions designed for residences.  We can also offer bulk pricing and packaging for MFU (multi family units) and other commercial developments.

One of the advantages of the Advantage range is its adaptable installation which can occur both as a wall mounted solution and as a ceiling mounted solution.

The fit and the finish of the product is designed to commercial standards. 
The product has a frame (it is not frameless) but is attractive, and if wall mounted on an existing wall Advantage protrudes less than 0.9 of an inch while offering 98% conversion efficiency.(measure of energy to heat-output).  Generally experts consider 5 watts to 10 watts of energy per sq. ft of living space.

When you are looking for an alternative heating solution remember that our prices include packaging and delivery right to your door or facility.

Model Number Wattage Size
Coverage Area (@ 10 watts to 5 watts per sq. ft.)
A-180-110, A-180-220 180

11.6" by 23.4" by 0.86"

(295mm by 595mm by 22mm)

18 to 36 sq. ft

A-300-110, A-300-220 300

19.9" by 23.4" by 0.86"

(505mm by 595mm by 22m)

30 to 60 sq. ft. 

A-350-110, A-350-220 350

23.4" by 23.4" by 0.86"

(595mm by 595mm by 22mm)

35 to 70 sq. ft. 

A-450-110, A-450-220 450

19.9" by 35.6" by 0.86"

(595mm by 905mm by 22mm)

45 to 90 sq. ft. 
A-600-110, A-600-220 600

23.4" by 39.6" by 0.86"

(595mm by 1005mm by 22mm)

60 to 120 sq. ft. 
A-720-110, A-720-220 720

23.4" by 47.0" by 0.86"

(595mm by 1195mm by 22mm)

72 to 144 sq. ft. 
A-800-110, A-800-220 800

30.9" by 39.6" by 0.86"

(785mm by 1005mm by 22mm)

80 to 160 sq. ft. 
A-960-110, A-960-220 960

31.7" by 47.0" by 0.86"

(805mm by 1195mm by 22mm)

96 to 192 sq. ft.
A-1200-110, A-1200-220 1200

39.6" by 47.0" by 0.86"

(1005mm by 1195mm by 22mm)

120 to 240 sq. ft.