Berlin Blossom Panels - Price Includes Packaging & Delivery

The Berlin Blossom panel was designed to enhance any space with a glossy finish and the warmth of our Geneva Series and geometric floral design unique to Art of Heat. Made of acrylic, it is lightweight, and provides the elegance and a finish similar to glass. Remember that acrylic will not have the scratch resistance of glass, but is lighter to mount and will provide years of trouble free service.

This panel is only available in one size. This panel is available in 110V and 208-220V.

Take the wattage of the panel and divide it by 10 for sq.ft coverage for areas with average insulation.

For very well insulated houses take the wattage and divide by 5 to calculate sq.ft coverage.

EXAMPLE 1 - Your room is 10 X 14 feet = 140 sq.ft. very well insulated.  The panel is 800 watts / 5 = 160 sq. ft of coverage. Therefore this is adequate with surplus. 

EXAMPLE 2 - Your room is 10 X 14 feet = 140 sq.ft. average insulation.  The panel is 800 watts / 10 = 80 sq. ft of coverage. Therefore this is inadequate as a primary heating source. Options include (2 panels or selecting a more powerful heater) 

Model Number Wattage Size
BB-450 450W

27.6" by 23.6"

(700mm by 600mm)