Wave Outdoor Far Infrared Heater with remote - Price Includes Packaging & Delivery

The Wave Far Infrared Heater is suitable for outdoor environments, including patios and bars. It is also suitable for warehouse buildings.  The curved surface not only looks stylish but serves a function also.  Spreading heat evenly far infrared keeps you more comfortable and extends your outdoor living season while producing heat that doesn't simply blow away in the breeze.

When you are looking for an alternative heating solution remember that our prices include packaging and delivery right to your door or facility.

To answer the question how much coverage area will you get from the heater use the following simple formula.

Model Sizing
Approx Coverage Area at 7 ft. & 12 ft. high mounting.

27.4” by 8.5” by 2.8”

(695mm by 215mm by 70mm)

9 sq.ft to 12 sq. ft

43.1” by 8.5” by 2.8”

(1095mm by 215mm by 70mm)

 16 sq.ft to 24 sq. ft

62.8” by 8.5” by 2.8”

(1595mm by 215mm by 70mm)

20 sq.ft to 30 sq. ft


82.5” by 8.5” by 2.8”

(2095mm by 215mm by 70mm)

28 sq.ft to 42 sq. ft