Curve Series Outdoor Heater (with remote & timer) - Price Includes Packaging & Delivery

The Curve Far Infrared Heater is designed for outdoor settings, patios, and bars.  It can also be used in commercial building and warehouses.

The Curve Series Outdoor Heater has a smooth design and eliminates excessive heat loss, as it warms and provides radiant heat directly to the surrounding objects and people.

The system features 4 power settings and timers with remote control.  The unit can be used with or without a thermostat.  The system also comes with convenient mounting brackets and an elegant and simple swivel mount for angling the unit if mounted on a wall.  The system can be mounted from walls or ceilings.  Compared to glowing elements found in lesser systems, Curve operates at a cool 300 degrees C as compared to glowing tungsten elements that often create hotspots and can reach over 2000 degrees C. 

When you are looking for an alternative heating solution remember that our prices include packaging and delivery right to your door or facility.


Model Sizing
Approximate Coverage Area

23.6” by 7.4” by 2.6”

(600mm by 189mm by 67mm)

8 to 12 sq.ft


43.1” by 7.4” by 2.6”

(1095mm by 189mm by 67mm)

16 to 24 sq.ft


62.8” by 7.4” by 2.6”

(1595mm by 189mm by 67mm)

20 to 32 sq.ft


82.5” by 7.4” by 2.6”

(2095mm by 189mm by 67mm)

28 to 42 sq.ft